Celebrating International Women's Day

community Mar 03, 2022
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On Tuesday 8th March 2022 it is officially International Women's Day.  I am super excited to be sharing in my free Facebook community Transform Your Life my inspirational and motivational talk "How To Be A Powerful Women".

In this talk I will share with you my personal experience of domestic abuse and how I have gone from feeling isolated and fearful to living my absolute best life.  

4 years ago marks the point where my life changed completely. Through sheer determination I managed to rebuild my life and create a home for my children with absolutely nothing to my name.
The home below is the house I manifested for us 3. Our dream home. In the coming weeks I am about to move into a whole new chapter of my life and I realised I had forgotten about those early days when I first made this house our home.
Next week not only do I want to share my story with you. I want to share never seen or shared footage of my first moments in our new life.
Tune in.....
If you are feeling like life will never change.
If you are feeling like you don't deserve more.
If you are feeling like no one will ever love you.
If you are feeling like your future is not bright.
Join me next week to inspire you and motivate you with my story and my special moments. I want to share with you where I came from, what I created, where I am now and where I am going to.
Exclusive in Transform Your Life next Tuesday at 8pm.  Please share with friends and family who need an inspiring story to help them forward in their life.

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