Are you a starseed?

spirituality Nov 10, 2021

Don't worry I know the thoughts that are popping into your mind....No I have not lost the plot, I am deadly serious and yes I am going to explain everything. 

Grab a cup of tea and let's go....

For so many years now I have yo-yo between wanting to learn more about the different spiritual methods, concepts, worlds but time and time again I was pulled back into the 'normal' world. 

Mainly due to the fact there were very few people around me that understood me or enjoyed talking about all things mystical!

Now I have 'MY PEOPLE' popping out left right and centre to talk to me daily about mind blowing concepts.  Sharing their deepest inner thoughts and ideas with me.  

Why? I changed the course of my life about 3 years ago, maybe more like 4 years ago.  I broke free of the constraints of 'normal' and the need to seek permission before I could do anything.

This left me with time on my hands to read, listen and connect with people who I was drawn to.  Oh boy, did my world open up and get brighter and more colourful.

Fast forward to now, I am now a qualified Holistic Life Coach, qualified and practicing Kundalini Reiki Master and a qualified Meditation and Breathwork teacher....I am living the dream right now.

Working with clients it was becoming more and more apparent that these women were looking for something. More so they were drawn to me due to my intuitive and open nature, they all saw themselves in me and felt comfortable to share their inner questions.  Like I am interested in healing and I think I have some gift but I am unsure what I am meant to do next.

One of the concepts I started to look deeply into was the one called is an explanation:

Starseeds are incarnated on Earth to inspire and heal human beings. To bring light and knowledge that will uplift the human race. And are here to participate in awakening others’ consciousness to help the planet’s evolution.
Starseeds agreed to come to Earth to fulfill their mission. However when they get here, they are made to forget their true origins. And many go through their existence on Earth without knowing where their souls really came from. They forget their homes and their missions, but once they awaken they will see clearly what they must do. That’s when they start to live out their purpose.
Here are the signs you might be one:

1. Knowing or Recognition - You might not have been able to explain it, but you just had this feeling that you needed to know more.

2. You’re constantly gazing at the stars - If ever you’ve looked up at the night sky and felt a connection with a bright planet or glowing cluster of stars, you might be feeling your soul’s connection to a past or future life.

3. You’re always looking at things more deeply - You question our entire existence. These are questions that had been bubbling up inside me for a long time, but I was always too afraid to voice them.

4. You often feel like you don’t belong - You feel much more comfortable in your own company and really struggled to integrate.

5. You have this feeling that you want to go home - No matter where you are, it just never really feels like ‘home’.

6. You’re very intuitive and psychic - So you may not be gone full blown psychic yet but you know the potential is there the more.

7. You’re extremely empathic - To the point where it’s hard to be out in public. You feel everything and everyone and that can become incredibly overwhelming at times.

8. Animals and babies are drawn to you - For some reason kids and animals will always gravitate towards you.

9. You’re spiritual - You’re not really one for organised religion. But anything New Age or woo-woo and you’re all over it.

10. You love a bit of fantasy and mysteries of the world - You name it, I’ve looked into it. I’ve also always been drawn to the fantasy worlds of witches, wizards, fairies, and mermaids. Ancient worlds, the Pyramids, Stonehenge, Atlantis.

11. You’ve been referred to as an old soul - People tend to come to you for advice on all kinds of things, even if they’re older, because you just seem to have the right answers.

12. You don’t have time for pettiness - People that get upset about the dumbest things in life bother you.

13. You know you’re here for a purpose but you struggle to pinpoint it - You feel so restrictive and nauseating. You want to be free. You know you are here for a greater purpose, but for such a long time you can't put your finger on it.

14. You have a real problem with systems and authority - Whether it’s your boss, the government, society, whoever. You value freedom so much because being enslaved to anything, or anyone goes against what you believe in.

15. You love serving others - It’s the reason why you’re here, after all. Helping others is something you find yourself doing all of the time, even if you know that it may not be in your best interest.

16. You see repeating numbers (angel numbers) - These numbers appear anywhere and everywhere. If you see them too, then it’s definitely a sign you’re starting to have a spiritual awakening. The more you pay attention to these numbers, you’ll be able to discern what it means for your life. As you take the right steps aligning with your purpose, see these numbers as affirmations or new clues of what to pay attention to.

The next step.  If any of the above same familar or you can tick one, two or all of the points off then you my friend are a Starseed! 

To support all the starseeds in my community I decided to create a Starseed Circle.  This is a personal spiritual development group to help support and grow the members intuitive gifts.  

At present I am waiting to launch when I have 20 or more people interested.  So if this sounds like you please register your interest on the starseed circle waitlist.

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