Why gratitude will improve your life

energy Jun 15, 2021

A new study from Harvard found that gratitude can have a positive impact on your health and well-being. This post outlines the practice of being grateful for all your blessings in order to manifest more abundance.

"To be truly grateful is to be engaged in discovering meaning for our lives, rather than merely reacting or responding." - Dan Millman

I want to share the practice of being grateful in your daily life. Mentally saying thank you for things that arise in your life in order to manifest more abundance.

Gratitude is an awareness of what we already have and an acknowledgement of the blessings we've received. When we cultivate gratitude, our power increases by focusing our mind on what has been made available to us. Gratitude gives us energy and helps us manifest abundance. It's a way of staying in the now and going forward in life.

"Gratitude is a wonderful feeling before something good comes our way; but it's also one of our best feelings when we receive good things. Gratitude is a warm glow of appreciation for life in all its beauty, variety, and perfection. You see yourself as the center of your universe." - Tony Robbins

This is a great mindset to have. It is very easy to find something to be grateful for when we start looking. We may not recognize it, but gratitude helps us see opportunities everywhere. We live in a world of abundance — there is plenty of opportunity for all of us if we just open our eyes.

If you want something better, just look back at what you have been given, and say thank you for those things. It will really help [the Law of Attraction] in many ways and it will help manifest that which you desire." - Dan Millman

Gratitude leads to giving, and gives energy – it gets things moving in the direction of your desires.

Do a daily gratitude list. Take 10 minutes at night to write down all the things that went well during the day. If you catch yourself thinking negatively or looking to the future, bring your attention back to the present moment by noticing what is going well now.

"Every moment should be an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of this world. Every day should be an opportunity to appreciate the blessings that life has bestowed upon us." - Dan Millman

You go from "I'm not enough" to "I'm enough."

The first step in making something happen is seeing it clearly, without resistance or excuses. The second step is believing it is possible. The final step is creating a plan and taking action to make it happen. When you believe something to be true, you can make it happen.

If we want things to change in our lives, we have to change first: our thoughts, feelings and actions must align with what we want.

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