The Etsy Shop Blueprint VIP Package PP

What's Included:

Etsy Shop Blueprint Course:

Welcome to your Etsy business success plan! With the Etsy Shop Blueprint Course, you'll get INSTANT access to:

  • 50 Step-by-Step Video Lessons: Get click-by-click instructions on how to launch your Etsy store and grow it into a thriving business.
  • Downloadable Templates: These resources will guide you as you navigate your Etsy journey.
  • Insider Tips and Tricks: Arm yourself with strategies proven to help Etsy sellers succeed.
  • Latest Updates on Etsy: Stay informed with the latest changes and trends on the platform and learn how to adapt effectively.
  • Actionable Course Content: Save time and effort with our straightforward, easy-to-follow course structure.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to grow your sales and stand out from the competition, the Etsy Shop Blueprint Course has everything you need to succeed.


VIP Membership

To further enhance your Etsy success journey, our package also includes VIP Membership to "Successful Ecommerce Entrepreneurs". In this membership, you will get:

  • Twice monthly 60 min calls with me on zoom "Cocktails with The Queen" and "Cuppa with The Queen"
  • Access to Masterclasses, Guest Speakers and Trainings that will help you elevate your Etsy business, Inspire you to expand onto other platforms and expand your knowledge of business and ecommerce.
  • Daily social media prompts to give you ideas on how to market your business, even what to say in the captions but most importantly the consistency and accountability to keep you moving forward.
  • Canva tutorials and tips to make branding and designing material for your business sleeker.
  • SJ Etsy Queen's insights, knowledge and tips on growing your business from email marketing to trending products and keywords.
  • Keep informed of the latest AI tech and how to use it in your business.


BONUS: AI Magic: Skyrocket Your Etsy Profits with ChatGPT Course

  • Supercharge Your Etsy Shop: Harness the cutting-edge power of AI with ChatGPT to increase sales and success.
  • Ground breaking Course: 10 Modules of "AI Magic: Skyrocket Your Etsy Profits with ChatGPT!" is designed specifically for Etsy sellers.
  • Optimize and Enhance: Learn to fine-tune product listings, create engaging marketing campaigns, and improve customer service using AI.
  • Automate and Streamline: Discover strategies to automate routine tasks, expand your product range, and make your operations more efficient.
  • Immediate Impact: Turn your Etsy shop into a high-converting, customer-attracting, sales powerhouse and see immediate improvements in your business performance.
  • Stay Competitive: Keep your Etsy shop relevant and ahead in the fast-evolving world of e-commerce by leveraging the latest AI technology.


The total package of Etsy Shop Blueprint Course plus Lifetime VIP Membership to Successful Ecommerce Entrepreneurs PLUS AI Magic is available now for only £497 – Paid in 3 Instalments of £166 a fantastic value for everything you'll get! Invest in your Etsy business success and purchase the total package today.

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Payment Details

  • Three monthly payments of £166. 
  • Payment will be deducted from your Credit Card or Paypal account automatically and you'll be emailed a receipt from either Paypal.

What People Are Saying:

Sarah-Jane's course has totally changed my shop to the point it is now my full time income. My weekly orders have tripled, I couldn't of done this on my own without Sarah-Jane's course. Anyone thinking of doing it, go for it! I can't thank Sarah-Jane enough! Change your shop and your life today!


What did you like best about your experience? The videos were very informative and easy to follow with step by step instructions. Some great top tips which you would be hard to find outside this course. It also gets you mind working and thinking up additional things you could sell too. Was the information informative and easy to implement? Great to be able to work at your own pace, I decided to watch all the videos first before implementing, this is generally my way of learning absorb it all, work out my plan and go back and implement, just in the process of doing this now, great to be able to rewatch any videos as required. Would you recommend SJ The Etsy Queen to others? 100% if you are thinking of opening or already have an Etsy shop, some great tips, easy to follow, plus also lots of things I can implement on my website too.


Would you recommend The Etsy Shop Blueprint to others? Absolutely - 100%!


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3 monthly payments

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