Tracy O.

  • Before I met SJ, I was lost, I was peri-menopausal and in a bad place, mentally and physically
  • I am now able to meditate for 30 minutes a day, this is now my start to my day, helps me focus
  • The distant reiki sessions were amazing!  I felt her warmth hundreds of miles away

    Every thing out of Sarah-Jane's mouth is positive, she always sees the good in you (even if you don't).  I'm more positive, I look for the good, I can almost control my anxiety, (we all have off days) I know how to calm, centre and breath, and I'm believing in myself more, I CAN do this!
    And I wouldn't be here where I am without Sarah-Jane, her positivity, her enthusiasm, her energy, her belief, she is always there with a smile, you will not be disappointed if you reach out to her.

Chelsea C.

  • I have increased my earnings
  • I have lost weight
  • I feel more positive about life
  • No longer feeling overwhelmed

Taking time out for myself each day has massively impacted my overall health and outlook. Breathing techniques have helped to keep me to reduce my anxiety.

Andy S.

  • I am being more compassionate with myself
  • I have felt more connected to life
  • I have increased my movement

Having someone like Sarah-Jane to work with has been a pleasure.

She is kind, caring and a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Alison B.

  • I am now more confident to speak up and set boundaries
  • I have believed in myself resulting in weight loss
  • I have achieved my goals set in the course.

My confidence levels soaring as well as my inner dialogue has dramatically reduced too. I now embrace new opportunities.

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