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Are You Struggling to Get Your Etsy Shop Noticed and Drive Sales?

My Etsy Shop Assessments Will Help You Increase Traffic, Sales, and Profits Starting Today!

I know how frustrating it can be to spend hours creating beautiful Etsy listings and products only to have crickets in your shop. You’re passionate about your craft, but don't have a strategy in place to attract buyers and make sales.

I’ve helped hundreds of Etsy shop owners take their business to the next level with targeted assessments customized to their unique shop’s needs. By pinpointing exactly where your Etsy shop is falling short, we can create an actionable plan to turn more site traffic into sales and loyal customers.

In my 30 - 45 minute video recording and detailed custom report, you’ll discover:

  • How to optimize your Etsy listings for higher search rankings so your products get found in search
  • A spotlight on gaps in your product range and untapped opportunities
  • Ways to improve your shop’s branding and presentation to convert more visitors
  • Advice on pricing strategies, promotions, and ways to increase average order value

My expertise in Etsy SEO, digital marketing, and product positioning means you’ll get specific, actionable recommendations to implement right away. Past clients have doubled their sales in just 2 months!

Don’t let your Etsy shop languish without a sales strategy. Invest in an Etsy Shop Assessment today and unlock your shop’s profit potential.

What To Expect

Expert Assessment

Get a detailed 30-minute recorded shop assessment, giving you insights into your Etsy shop's strengths and areas for improvement.

Personalised Report

Receive a detailed written report tailored to your shop, equipping you with an actionable plan to enhance your shop's performance.

One-On-One Consultation

Upgrade your package to include a 30-minute consultation with Sarah-Jane, an experienced Etsy entrepreneur.

What past clients have to say...

"Sarah-Jane was fantastic, her ideas were useful and outside the box but easily implemented. Feedback on my shop setup was given in a friendly manner and the advice to improve was clear and friendly. I am excited to see how the ideas given improve my little business. The main advice I took from my session was HAVE FUN. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking to learn the secrets of Etsy."

"Your insights and knowledge have been invaluable in my learning process to sell on Etsy, and I cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort you put into helping other Etsy sellers. I am so grateful for the wealth of information you have provided. I am truly blessed to have found such a wonderful mentor and resource in you."

"I certainly was happy with the outcome of our meeting, very insightful. You have given me the confidence to do videos about myself on TikTok, to give viewers/followers more of who I am and what I do behind the scenes. The reason why I got in touch in the first place is because of YOU, you are so relatable and easy to understand. A friendly face is always a winner in my book!! I would definitely recommend your services…..why? See all the above."

Assessment Features

  1. Shop branding and first impressions

I'll evaluate your Etsy shop's overall branding, visual design, and first impressions it gives visitors. This includes assessing your shop logo, banner, colour scheme, fonts, and overall aesthetic. I'll provide suggestions to create a more professional, on-brand look aligned with your products.

  1. Compliance with Etsy policies

It's crucial your shop and listings comply with Etsy's terms of service and seller policies. I'll thoroughly review your shop and listings looking for any policy violations that could jeopardize your shop. You'll get peace of mind knowing your shop meets Etsy's requirements.

  1. SEO opportunities to improve search visibility

Product titles, tags, and descriptions are vital for getting your listings found in Etsy searches. I'll assess your use of key SEO elements and provide tips to optimise them to improve search visibility. We'll ensure your most important listings are SEO-friendly to drive traffic.

  1. Listing photography, titles, and descriptions

Your listings represent your brand and products. I'll review the photography, titles, descriptions, pricing, and overall presentation of your top listings. You'll get recommendations to refresh listings to attract more clicks and sales.

  1. Social media and marketing strategy

A targeted social media and marketing plan is essential for Etsy success today. I'll evaluate your current marketing efforts and suggest ways to expand your reach through social platforms, paid ads, email marketing, and more.

  1. Overall suggestions to unlock your shop's potential

You'll receive a comprehensive set of prioritized recommendations across branding, SEO, product mix, pricing, policies, and marketing. I'll summarize key opportunities tailored to your shop's strengths and weaknesses. You'll have a clear plan to execute to unlock your shop's profit potential.

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