Hi! I’m Sarah-Jane

I have never fitted in anywhere in my life.  School, college, and in the workplace.  

I've never been that popular girl and spent all my time being whatever I needed to be in that moment in an attempt to try and fit in.

It got me nowhere! 18 year old me desperately wanted to liked and loved which led me into some not very healthy relationships.

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Motherhood changed me


I married young and had my first baby at 28.  At this point I still didn't know much about life and felt very isolated but put a false sense of purpose in my way to keep moving forward.

I got lost in survival and keeping everyone happy around me.  But I was not happy myself which turned to using alcohol to cope. 

Overweight and lonely


August 2017 I was overweight, lonely, drinking way too much and seriously unhappy.

I decided one night enough was enough and I needed to make drastic changes.  A new food and exercise regime helped me lose 40 pounds and regain my confidence.

At the same time it also led to the end of a very unhappy marriage.  Years of covering up my unhappiness came to a head when I started to put myself first and found my identity.

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Independent & Successful



For such a long time I pegged my happiness on others constantly looking for validation.  After my divorce I found my independence and passion for life.  I made my own decisions confidently and followed my interest's which I can say made me who I am today.

Fast forward 3 years and I am a Holistic Energy Practitioner helping hundreds of women find their purpose and passion in life through my gifts and abilities. 

The values I live and work by:


You have every right to experience freedom in every form - emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and financial!

It isn't just for a few lucky people.


Everyday should be filled with pure inner happiness.  The moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.

Find happiness in the smallest things.


Carve your own path in the world. It can be weird and wacky that is ok.  Be the authentic you and love that spirit wholeheartedly. 

Be you - everyone else is taken!

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