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Sarah-Jane Lewis is a Etsy Queen for women who want to create an epic future, have financial freedom and an abundance of happiness.

Sarah-Jane takes women on her emotional journey sharing her personal insights on how to discover happiness and fulfilment.  She is a public speaker appearing at Bee Inspired and many virtual events.  As well as inspiring thousands of women online to launch, grown and thrive with their Etsy businesses.

With 5 successful Etsy businesses, 3 kids, a crazy dog and a gorgeous boyfriend, Sarah-Jane's life is never dull!

Signature Talk:

Building a Successful Etsy Business from Scratch

Other Topics:

  • Using Social Media to Grow Your Etsy Shop and Brand
  • The Importance of Branding and Marketing for Etsy Entrepreneurs
  • Tips and Tricks for Creating Unique and High-Quality Products on Etsy
  • The Benefits of Selling on Etsy for Small Business Owners
  • Overcoming Challenges as an Etsy Entrepreneur: Lessons Learned
  • How to Stand Out in a Crowded Etsy Marketplace
  • Navigating the Legal Side of Running an Etsy Business
  • Scaling Your Etsy Business: When and How to Expand
  • The Future of E-commerce: Opportunities and Challenges for Etsy Entrepreneurs.

If you would like to book me to speak at your event please email [email protected] or call me on 07561 706387.

Dani ‘The Queen Bee’ Wallace

“Sarah-Jane is a joy to hear speak, her unique blend of powerful story telling, connection and humour never fails to inspire. She delivers real practical advice and takeaways for her audience and her story packs a real punch. Highly recommend her as a speaker, whether it's motivation or practical guidance needed for your audience!”

Lizi Jackson-Barrett

“I was lucky enough to hear Sarah-Jane speak about the concept of “powerful women” and it was a talk that stayed with me long after it was over. Sarah-Jane speaks with a unique combination of vulnerability and authority; sharing her story openly and with a raw honesty that connects with each audience member on a deep level. Sarah-Jane is a speaker who would inspire any audience to step into their power, and she left us knowing that each of us is already a “powerful woman” exactly the way we are.”

Tracey O’Neill

“Every thing out of Sarah-Jane's mouth is positive, she always sees the good in you (even if you don't). I'm more positive, I look for the good, I can almost control my anxiety, (we all have off days) I know how to calm, centre and breath, and I'm believing in myself more, I CAN do this! And I wouldn't be here where I am without Sarah-Jane, her positivity, her enthusiasm, her energy, her belief, she is always there with a smile, you will not be disappointed if you reach out to her.”

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