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TEE #037 The $1,000 Order That Started with a $20 Sale

business advice Dec 02, 2023
The $1,000 Order That Started with a $20 SaleSJ Etsy Queen How to make money on Etsy

Read time: 4 minutes

When my client, Angela opened her Etsy shop selling handmade crayons and colouring books, she never expected corporate orders. She assumed most customers would be ordinary online shoppers looking for unique crafts. But then she received a message that shocked her.

A large national corporation had purchased one of Angela’s Christmas colouring books. The buyer loved the creativity and promptly ordered  a lot more books personalised for a kids’ Christmas party. A single $20 sale multiplied into Angela’s first $1000 order overnight!

This story reinforces an important lesson for crafters and creative entrepreneurs: you never know who’s browsing your Etsy storefront or where your next big client might emerge from.

Seedling sales often bloom into the bulk orders that empower microbusinesses to scale. My advice? Treat every single customer exceptionally, whether they spend $5 or $500. Offer high quality handmade goods, respond quickly to questions, and resolve any problems with grace.

When you focus on delivering standout customer service regardless of order value, larger corporate buyers will organically find you over time. Positive word of mouth spreads that your products and service reliably impress. Soon your Etsy shop garners bigger spenders ready to reward your dedication with substantial patronage.

So even a small booking or one-off purchase matters immensely. A simple personal ‘thank you’ with each order can spark loyalty leading to game changing referrals. Consistently outstanding interactions build genuine community around your handmade business.

You truly never know which buyer browsing Etsy today might become your first five or six figure corporate client tomorrow! So make every single customer feel special, and success is sure to follow.


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