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TEE #013 Steering Your Mind Towards Success: Psycho-Cybernetics for Etsy Sellers

mindset Jun 17, 2023
Steering Your Mind Towards Success: Psycho-Cybernetics for Etsy Sellers

Read time: 5 minutes

One thing I hear constantly from people is, "I am no good at..." Fill in the blank with a variation of selling on Etsy, technology, social media, etc.

As a mum to three kids, I hear the same from them all the time. My 11-year-old daughter especially comes to mind. You can only imagine the hormones, emotions, and drama that arise whenever she encounters something difficult.

Take this as an example: it's her last year in Juniors, and she was given a significant part in the school production "Zanny Zoo". My daughter is the most confident, outgoing person at home, but the thought of going on stage and acting has always scared her. She would say, "I am no good at acting."

Over the last few weeks, I have worked with her to practice her lines and fill her with positivity to help change her self-image about her acting abilities.  We went through the practice of imagining that she was on stage and imagining she was absolutely 'slaying' it or #slay as my 11 year old would declare!

The show was on Tuesday evening, in a hot, stuffy drama theatre filled with excited children and sweaty parents. From the moment my daughter stepped on stage to the moment she left, she was a bundle of energy. She danced and sang her heart out, standing on stage and projecting her lines like a pro. Honestly, I have never been so proud of her.

One moment she was lacking confidence, and the next, she was shining brightly like a future West End superstar!

Today, I want to share something I have learned recently that gave me a huge realization about a particular way of thinking I have always embraced. It's the power of creating a positive self-image, which in technical terms is called Psycho-Cybernetics.


Understanding Psycho-Cybernetics

Psycho-Cybernetics is a term coined by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, which means, "steering your mind to a productive, useful goal so you can reach the greatest port in the world, peace of mind." It's about harnessing the power of your self-image and using it to drive you towards success.

This is a practice of mentally visualising yourself being successful before it actually happens.  A practice that is now commonly used by top athletes, movie stars and even Oprah!   

So as my daughter was preparing for her school play, despite her talent, she was filled with self-doubt and didn't believe she was good enough. But on the day of the play, she absolutely shined on stage. She had steered her mind towards success, and as a result, she gave a performance that made me the proudest mum ever.


The Role of Psycho-Cybernetics in Etsy Selling

Selling on Etsy comes with its own set of challenges. From managing inventory to dealing with customer queries, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. But just like my daughter, you too can steer your mind towards success.

Psycho-Cybernetics can help you overcome these challenges by changing your self-perception. By visualizing success, you can transform your Etsy store from a simple hobby into a thriving business.


Practical Applications of Psycho-Cybernetics for Etsy Sellers

So, how can you apply Psycho-Cybernetics to your Etsy business? Here are some strategies:

  1. Setting clear, achievable goals: Just like my daughter visualized her successful performance, visualize your Etsy success. What does it look like? How does it feel?

  2. Using visualization techniques: Picture your products flying off the virtual shelves. Imagine the positive reviews pouring in. Visualization is a powerful tool for success.

  3. Mental rehearsal: Prepare for different scenarios. How will you handle a surge in orders or a difficult customer? Mental rehearsal can help you navigate these situations with ease.

  4. Relaxation techniques: Running an Etsy store can be stressful. Techniques such as deep breathing and meditation can help maintain a positive mindset.



Psycho-Cybernetics is more than just a concept; it's a way of life. It's about steering your mind towards success, no matter what obstacles you face. Remember, every Etsy seller faces challenges, but with the right mindset, you can overcome them and shine brightly, just like my daughter did on her big day.


If you want to learn more about Psycho-Cybernetics listen to the audio book here.


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