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business advice support visability Jun 08, 2024

Welcome to The Crafty Entrepreneur with your host, Sarah Jane Lewis! Grab a cup of tea, settle in, and let's dive into this week's topic: community and connection.


Apologies and Realisations

Firstly, my apologies for missing last week's podcast. I was away in London attending a conference, which threw me off my regular schedule. It made me realise how much I cherish our weekly routine of sharing knowledge through the blog and podcast.


The Conference Experience

Attending the conference was an eye-opener. Despite my initial excitement and new fancy microphone equipment for on-the-spot interviews, things didn’t go as planned. I realised just how introverted I am in a room full of extroverts. At home, I’m outgoing and confident, but in that environment, I retreated into my shell.


The Importance of Comfort Zones

When I’m in my craft room, I feel alive and secure. But outside that comfort zone, it’s a different story. I met some interesting people, like a sex therapist who shared my introverted nature, but overall, the conference attendees weren't aligned with our crafty and business-focused community.


The Search for Like-Minded Individuals

This experience highlighted the need for a conference that caters to product-based businesses, especially those run by creative entrepreneurs. I’ve been searching for such events, but they seem scarce, particularly in the UK.


Bridging the Gap: Virtual and In-Person Connections

To address this gap, I’m launching several initiatives:

  1. Virtual Crafty Connections: We had our first virtual networking session in our Facebook group, Successful Etsy Entrepreneurs. It was a great success, fostering new connections and idea exchanges.

  2. In-Person Crafty Connections: I’m planning in-person networking events in quirky coffee shops in Birmingham and Portsmouth this July. These sessions will offer valuable face-to-face interactions, presentations, and the chance to share your business journey with like-minded individuals.


The Value of Community

A wise person once told me, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Building a network of contacts is invaluable in business. Personal recommendations often carry more weight than testimonials. In our community, word-of-mouth endorsements are helping members grow their businesses significantly.


Join Us!

I invite you to join our virtual and in-person networking sessions. Let’s create a supportive community of crafty entrepreneurs who share a passion for their work. Register your interest at 



The conference experience reinforced the importance of community and connection. By fostering these relationships, we can support each other’s journeys and succeed together. Whether you're an introvert or extrovert, there's a place for you in our community.

Thank you for listening. Keep crafting, and reach out if you need any support. Huge hugs and have a wonderful weekend!

SJ Etsy Queen xoxo 


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