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TEE #051 From Corporate Job to Entrepreneur: 3 Nuggets of Advice for Aspiring Business Owners

business advice Mar 09, 2024
TEE #051 From Corporate Job to Entrepreneur: 3 Nuggets of Advice for Aspiring Business Owners

Read time: 5 minutes

It's hard to believe that just a year ago, I was contemplating leaving my corporate job to fully dedicate myself to my business. It feels like a lifetime ago and simultaneously like it was only five minutes ago - it's incredible how time can move so quickly yet feel so slow.

This reminds me of my experience as a young mum with two kids, feeling as though the sleepless nights and endless feedings would never end. Then, in the blink of an eye, they're heading into their teenage years, and we all cringe as I reminisce about my childhood, or as they like to say in unison, "Back In The Day!"

Starting my business was a highly strategic decision as a mum because I knew these moments would come when the overwhelming feeling of motherhood would subside, and I would have time to breathe and rediscover myself. I also knew I needed and wanted another baby, but not the nappy-filling, puking, and crying kind. I needed a business baby, lol.

This past year has been a tremendous learning curve and a journey of discovering who I am outside of the corporate world. After nearly 30 years of working for someone else and dreaming of being my own boss, I have been living my dream for the past 12 months, and I WOULDN'T CHANGE A THING!

So, here are three nuggets of advice for those still working full-time and dreaming of being their own boss:

1. You are going to need a routine

Being self-employed is fantastic. You can go to the gym if you fancy, pop out for the food shop if you need to, or take the whole day off if you can't be bothered - all of which is possible. But the reality is, you need to work, and 99% of the time, harder than you have ever worked before. My top piece of advice is to create a routine. By all means, go to the gym and enjoy your day, but ensure you have room to focus on your business and think about its next stage. Just like children, your business will have phases, and it is not straightforward. Some structure to your day will help you maintain balance and feel like you are moving forward.

2. Charge Your Worth

I have fallen victim to believing that if I keep my prices low, everyone will buy my products and services. In reality, it has taken me more time and energy to justify my products and services at low prices, as psychological pricing is a huge factor in how someone interprets your quality. Always ensure your costs are covered and that you are making a profit; you are not in business to fund other people's lifestyles.

3. Find Your Joy

There is absolutely no point in building a business that does not light you up. You might as well have a job! It is perfectly okay to start a business and for it to evolve as you discover your strengths and weaknesses. You won't know until you actually try it out, so less beating yourself up for being a failure and more praising yourself for being brave and giving it a go.

Wrapping Up

So, my fellow dreamers and aspiring entrepreneurs, remember that embarking on this journey of being your own boss is a wild, wonderful, and sometimes challenging ride. But trust me, it's worth every single moment. Embrace the ups and downs, celebrate your bravery, and never lose sight of what ignites your passion.

As I reflect on this past year, I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride and gratitude. I took a leap of faith, bid farewell to the corporate world, and gave birth to my very own business baby. And let me tell you, watching it grow and flourish has been the most rewarding experience of my life.

So, whether you're still in the dreaming phase or ready to take the plunge, know that you've got this. Create that routine, charge what you're worth, and most importantly, find your joy. Because when you're doing what you love, it doesn't feel like work at all.

Here's to the next year of this incredible adventure, and to all the amazing things we'll accomplish along the way. Let's do this!


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