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TEE #033 Think Before You Share Your Etsy Link

marketing Nov 04, 2023
Think Before You Share Your Etsy Link - SJ Etsy Queen How to make money on Etsy

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If you're an Etsy seller, you may be tempted to share your shop link widely across Facebook groups in hopes of driving traffic. However, this random promotion can actually hurt your shop's performance in the long run. Here's why you should avoid it:


How Etsy's Algorithm Works

Etsy's algorithm carefully tracks who is engaging with your shop - from views to purchases. When random people click your link but don't actually buy anything, this signals to Etsy that your shop isn't resonating with that audience.

Over time, random traffic that doesn't convert can actually lower your search ranking within Etsy. The algorithm will infer that your shop doesn't satisfy those visitors' intent, making it less likely to show your listings to similar users down the road.


Scammer Risks

Posting your Etsy link widely also increases risks of scammers finding your shop. They can browse your shop looking for vulnerabilities, purchase items with fraudulent payments, and more. It opens the door to more security issues.


Focus on Your Ideal Customers

Rather than posting your link randomly, focus on nurturing your ideal audience. Share creatively on your own social channels, interact genuinely with your niche communities, and build relationships with potential customers who will actually appreciate your products.

Take the time to understand what draws your ideal customers to your shop. Tailor your promotions and social presence to resonate with them specifically. Avoid temptation of the quick fix that random shares might seem to offer.


The Takeaway

In summary, random Etsy link shares can negatively impact your shop's algorithm standing and security. Stay focused on your target audience for organic, lasting growth. Let your ideal customers find you through your authentic social presence.

Watch my latest TikTok on the topic:


Happy Selling!

SJ xoxo


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