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TEE #044 Meeting Up with Ria: Passing on Entrepreneurial Advice

business advice Jan 20, 2024
Meeting Up with Ria: Passing on Entrepreneurial Advice Sarah-Jane Lewis SJ Etsy Queen

Read time: 3 minutes

I recently met up for coffee with my old college buddy's 18-year-old daughter, Ria. She was brimming with creative ideas for starting her own business but wasn't sure how to focus her efforts. As someone who has launched a few ventures, her dad asked me to share some entrepreneurial wisdom.

Ria wants to turn her passion for textiles into a career. She has lots of creative talent but gets overwhelmed trying to juggle multiple interests while also building her skills.

I told Ria that the most important thing is to commit to one area that ignites her the most, be all in, and fully dedicate herself to excellence in that craft. That kind of focused passion is the foundation for launching a sustainable business.

We also discussed broader tips relevant for anyone wanting to start a business venture in 2024.

Here are 10 key things I shared:

  1. Solve a real problem for people. Find a need and fill it better than anyone else.
  2. Start building your online presence on creative platforms now.
  3. Perfect your craft through continuous learning before worrying about sales.
  4. Find a mentor who has already succeeded in your field of interest.
  5. Don't require outside funding to begin. Bootstrap if you can.
  6. Be relentless in testing and getting market feedback early and often.
  7. Leverage tools like AI to enhance productivity.
  8. Own your distribution; don't rely on other platforms.
  9. Obsess over consistent quality and stellar customer service.
  10. Stay resilient; entrepreneurship is filled with failures and lessons.

While geared for Ria, this advice applies to anyone wanting to start a business in our rapidly evolving economic landscape. The barriers have never been lower if you have grit, creativity, and a tolerance for risk.

By tapping into what genuinely brings you joy and motivates you, not only will you unlock more creativity and innovation, but your entire life path with be more fulfilling and abundant in every way imaginable.

If I could talk to my 18-year-old self, I would provide better guidance on how to discover my innate passions and talents earlier on. That self-knowledge and personal development at a young age helps set the stage for what you ultimately want to do career-wise and beyond.

I wish someone had pushed me to take a introspective look in my youth. Finding those creative sparks and passions that feel almost instinctual, those are the clues for what you can turn into a business and lifestyle full of excitement and prosperity on your own terms, not anyone else’s.

I have a strong hunch that if Ria focuses on those type of signals early on and gives herself fully to developing her strongest skill sets, while also learning some entrepreneurial fundamentals of course, she will thrive mightily, enjoying the many fruits, financial and otherwise, of embarking on the adventure of entrepreneurship.



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