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Etsy Emailed Me Back...This Is What They Said!

etsy hq Apr 27, 2024

As a passionate advocate for Etsy sellers across the globe, I recently reached out to Etsy's C-suite executives to address the growing concerns within the community. In a pivotal moment, Etsy has responded, opening the door for meaningful dialogue and positive change.

Seller Concerns: Shop Closures and Listing Deactivations

Many Etsy sellers have experienced shop closures or listing deactivations without prior communication or explanation from the platform. This lack of transparency has left the community feeling frustrated and unsupported. By contacting Etsy's chief product officer, CTO, and chief operating and marketing officer via LinkedIn, I aimed to start a conversation about fostering a more supportive environment for sellers.

Etsy's Response: Appreciation and Support

To my surprise and delight, Brendan, Etsy's support team lead, responded to my message. He expressed appreciation for my efforts in supporting Etsy sellers and acknowledged the importance of peer-to-peer communities. Brendan provided valuable links to Etsy's updated appeal centre, where sellers can request a review of eligible account suspensions, and information on how to reinstate suspended accounts.

Balancing Automation and Human Reviews

Etsy recognises the necessity of automated systems to manage millions of shops and listings. However, they also understand that human reviews are critical to ensuring accurate decisions. Etsy is working to add more human reviews to their enforcement processes, aiming to reduce instances where sellers are impacted in error.

Opportunity for Direct Communication

The most exciting development is Etsy's offer to connect me with a member of their community engagement team. This direct point of contact for future questions and collaboration is a game-changer for the seller community. Kelly, the vice president of communications, and her colleague Isabel from the community team reached out to express their gratitude and invite me to a meeting to discuss how we can work together to support sellers and nurture the Etsy community.

Looking Ahead: Meeting with Etsy's Leadership

I am thrilled about the upcoming meeting with Etsy's leadership and the potential it holds for improving the seller experience. By engaging in a professional and constructive dialogue, we can address issues such as account suspensions, listing deactivations, and communication gaps. I encourage all Etsy sellers to share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas in the comments below or via direct message. Together, we can build a stronger community and create positive change on the platform.


Stay tuned for updates on the outcome of my meeting with Etsy's Vice President of Communications. Subscribe to the podcast and follow along as we work towards a more empowering environment for Etsy sellers worldwide. This is a pivotal moment for the Etsy community, and I am optimistic about the future.


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