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TEE #045 Etsy Launches New Gift Mode - Here's What It Means For Your Shop

ai business advice marketing Jan 27, 2024
Etsy Launches New Gift Mode - Here's What It Means For Your Shop

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Etsy recently announced an exciting new feature aimed at making the site the go-to destination for gift shopping – Gift Mode. This post will explain what Gift Mode is, how it can benefit your Etsy shop, and tips for optimising your listings to boost visibility.


What is Gift Mode?

Gift Mode allows Etsy buyers to easily discover thoughtful gifts tailored to their recipient. Shoppers can browse over 200 gift recipient personas like "Dog Mum" or "Foodie Friend" and enter details to further customise recommendations.

Etsy then uses AI and human curation to surface listings that match the selected persona and details. Similar factors that impact Etsy search results also determine which items are featured – things like relevancy, tags, title optimisation, etc.


How Can Gift Mode Boost My Etsy Shop?

Etsy is going all in on a major marketing push around gifting this year. Gift Mode aims to make the gifting experience smooth and enjoyable to bring more gift-seeking buyers to Etsy. More shoppers means more potential sales for your shop!

Even if your items aren't initially featured, optimising your listings can increase their chances of being recommended over time as the technology and curation continue to evolve.


Tips to Optimise Listings for Gift Mode

Here are some top tips to make your listings as gift-friendly as possible:


✅ Use gift-oriented tags like "teacher gift" or "gift for her"
✅ Showcase gift wrapping and packaging in listing photos
✅ Highlight if an item can be customised or personalised
✅ Offer a range of price points to suit different budgets
✅ Have fast shipping and processing to accommodate last-minute shoppers

The key is tailoring tags and highlighting any gift-friendly options in titles, descriptions and images. This tells both algorithms AND real people your items are a great gifting choice.

Check out my latest Tiktok on the subject:


The Future Looks Bright!

Etsy is investing heavily in features and events that establish the marketplace as the top gifting destination. Gift Mode signifies exciting things to come that can introduce more buyers to the one-of-a-kind, thoughtful items Etsy sellers offer.

Stay tuned right here for more updates on how to fully leverage opportunities like Gift Mode. And be sure to implement some quick gift optimisation tips so your amazing shop has the best chance of being discovered!


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