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Etsy HQ Meeting Update - All The Juicy Details!

etsy hq May 04, 2024


As an Etsy seller and coach helping over 55,000 crafters build successful businesses, I recently had the amazing opportunity to meet with top executives at Etsy headquarters. In this post, I'll share all the exciting details from that meeting and what it means for you as an Etsy entrepreneur.


My Etsy HQ Meeting Overview

A few weeks ago, I reached out to Etsy's chief product officer, chief marketing officer, and other executives. As a passionate Etsy ambassador, I wanted to collaborate with them to resolve common struggles faced by genuine crafters trying to earn a living on the platform.

To my surprise, the Vice President of Communications responded enthusiastically about setting up a meeting. On May 1st, I nervously but excitedly met with her and another representative named Isabella.


The Meeting Highlights

I was impressed by how welcoming and accommodating the Etsy team was. They were truly interested in understanding my background in corporate accounting, AI, automation, and my journey to becoming a creative business coach and Etsy seller.

We then dug into the key issues you've been facing based on the questions I solicited from my community. I provided insights around deactivated listings, lack of communication from Etsy, marketplace competition and more.


Etsy's Response and Future Plans

The representatives appreciated the candid feedback, saying they wish sellers could see how passionate the team is about improving the platform. They outlined some initiatives already underway to resolve problems.

Going forward, they will pass along seller feedback to relevant teams, explore using influencers like myself to improve communication, and send me updates to share. We will have regular meetings where I can continue providing your insights to identify gaps.


What This Means for You

This exciting new connection with Etsy HQ is just the start! I aim to be the bridge regularly relaying your concerns, wins and ideas to Etsy leadership.

To allow your voice to be heard, make sure you're part of my private community and update me anytime on your experiences - both positive and negative. A balanced perspective is key.


My Ultimate Goal

As an ex-corporate professional now empowering creatives, my driving goal is to inspire 1 million entrepreneurs to make money doing what they love. By voicing your struggles and celebrating your successes, we can continue improving Etsy while also building diversified, sustainable handmade businesses.

What's your big goal or dream? I'm here to support you every step of the journey, so let me know in the comments! Together, we've got this.


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