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TEE #039 Thriving on Etsy in 2024: A Seller's Guide to Navigating Recent Changes

business advice Dec 16, 2023
Thriving on Etsy in 2024: A Seller's Guide to Navigating Recent Changes SJ Etsy Queen Etsy Coach

Read time: 4 minutes

As dedicated Etsy sellers, we're all navigating a sea of change following Etsy's recent workforce reduction and strategic reorganisation. With a keen focus on what these developments mean for us, let's explore how we can adapt our strategies and thrive in 2024.


Adapting to Etsy's "Vital Few" Initiatives

Etsy's new direction, focusing on quality, value, and reliability, offers us a clear roadmap for what to prioritise in our shops. Here's how we can align with these initiatives:

1. Emphasising Quality and Value in Our Products: Let's ensure our products stand out for their quality and value. This could mean revisiting our crafting techniques, sourcing better materials, or even tweaking our designs to align with customer expectations of high-quality, valuable offerings.

2. Innovating Our Product Lines: Staying ahead of trends and customer preferences is more crucial than ever. Regularly updating our product lines, experimenting with new ideas, and being open to customer feedback will help us keep our shops fresh and relevant.

3. Building Stronger Customer Relationships: Enhanced engagement with our customers can set us apart. Let's leverage Etsy's tools and our own social media channels to create a more personalised shopping experience, from thoughtful product descriptions to engaging post-purchase communications.


Navigating Marketing Shifts on Etsy

With potential changes in Etsy's marketing strategies, staying agile and informed is key. We should:

  • Keep an eye on Etsy's marketing updates and adjust our shop's marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Explore and utilise Etsy's promotional tools and features to increase visibility.
  • Consider diversifying our marketing efforts beyond Etsy, such as through social media, email marketing, or even collaborations with other sellers.


Leveraging Community and Expert Coaching for Etsy Success

Etsy's commitment to its community, especially during times of change, highlights the importance of collaboration and support. As an Etsy coach, I've created a platform to harness this power through my free community, 'Successful Etsy Entrepreneurs', and my specialised digital course, 'The Etsy Shop Blueprint'.

1. Join 'Successful Etsy Entrepreneur': This community is more than just a forum; it's a thriving hub where I actively guide Etsy sellers. Here, you'll find a supportive network of peers and gain access to exclusive insights and strategies that I share based on my extensive experience. It's a place for collaborative learning, sharing challenges, and celebrating successes together.

2. Discover 'The Etsy Shop Blueprint': To further empower your Etsy journey, consider enrolling in my digital course. 'The Etsy Shop Blueprint' is meticulously designed to cover every aspect of running a successful Etsy shop. From SEO optimisation to crafting compelling product narratives, this course offers a comprehensive roadmap for both new and seasoned sellers.

3. Collaborate and Grow Together: In 'Successful Etsy Entrepreneur', we also explore opportunities for collaboration among members. Whether it's co-creating products, cross-promoting each other's shops, or sharing best practices, these collaborations can open new avenues for growth and bring a fresh perspective to your business.



Etsy's evolving landscape presents both challenges and opportunities. By joining 'Successful Etsy Entrepreneurs' and exploring 'The Etsy Shop Blueprint', you're not just gaining resources; you're becoming part of a community that thrives on mutual support and expert guidance. Let's navigate the changes on Etsy together, leveraging the collective wisdom and experience of our community to achieve greater success.


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