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#TEE 024 Etsy Support Scam Alert: Verify Communications to Prevent Theft of Seller Info and Money

support Sep 02, 2023
Etsy Support Scam Alert: Verify Communications to Prevent Theft of Seller Info and Money

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Etsy is beloved by sellers and shoppers alike for its unique, handmade goods. But the popularity of Etsy’s marketplace also appeals to scammers seeking to take advantage. Recently, cons have posed as Etsy Support reps to deceive sellers and steal personal information. This post will delve into the tactics used by these impersonators and provide guidance to sellers on avoiding security breaches.


Hallmarks of an Etsy Support Imposter

Unexpected calls from “Etsy Support” should immediately raise suspicions - legitimate representatives will always notify sellers of upcoming calls via email or official Etsy messaging first. Hang up right away if you receive an unprompted phone call claiming to be Support.

Carefully scrutinize any email or message from supposed Support. Warning signs include poor grammar, threats of account suspension, demands for quick action, and requests for sensitive information over unsecured channels. Genuine Etsy reps will never engage in these pressure tactics or ask for private details over email or messaging.

If uncertain, contact Etsy directly through their official Help Centre channels to verify the legitimacy of the communication. Impersonators want to prevent you from checking in with Etsy, insisting you act urgently. This is a key red flag.

In my TikTok video I show you an example of the type of communication you may receive:


Safeguarding Your Etsy Account from Support Scammers

Never disclose personal identifiers, banking info, account passwords, SSNs, or other sensitive details if contacted by alleged Support reps via phone, email, messaging, or social media. Legit reps will only request this data through secure official Etsy links and forms.

Always complete transactions through Etsy’s protected payment system. If a “buyer” claims payment issues, have them reach out to genuine Support themselves for assistance. Avoid payments made outside Etsy’s sanctioned process.

Exercise extreme caution with links or downloads sent through unverified messages – they may be ploys to upload malware onto your devices. Refrain from engaging and report the contact attempt to Etsy instead.


Remaining Vigilant Against Evolving Etsy Scams

Regularly review Etsy’s Seller Handbook and community forums for updated scam alerts and guidance. As con artists come up with new schemes, it’s crucial for sellers to stay informed on current threats.

Promptly notify Etsy if you encounter any suspicious communications purporting to be Support. Your quick actions can help Etsy shut them down before they target other sellers. Look out for your fellow business owners!


In summary

Sellers must be wary of signs like unsolicited calls, grammatically flawed messages conveying urgency, requests for personal data, and unsecured payment methods. Verify all communications, never provide sensitive information, complete payments only through Etsy, and promptly report concerns. Staying alert and informed is the best way to outsmart Etsy Support impersonation scams and keep your account safe!

Happy Selling!

SJ xoxo


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