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Etsy Transparency Report 2023 and more!

etsy hq podcast May 11, 2024


Welcome to the latest blog post/podcast on "The Crafty Entrepreneur", where we delve deep into the freshest insights from Etsy's most recent transparency report and what this means for you, our creative and savvy audience. Grab a cup of tea and join us as we unpack key updates and look forward to exciting developments in our community.


A Closer Look at Etsy’s Transparency Report

Etsy's latest Transparency Report sheds light on significant improvements and initiatives aimed at enhancing the platform for sellers and buyers alike. Key highlights include:

  • Enhanced Policy Enforcement: Etsy's automated systems are now five times more precise, significantly reducing listings that violate their handmade policy. This crackdown on non-compliant listings is a step towards maintaining the authenticity of the marketplace.

  • Counterfeit and Intellectual Property Protection: With a 216% increase in the removal of listings for potential IP violations, Etsy is ramping up efforts to protect original works. This is crucial for maintaining trust and integrity within the community.

  • Customer Service Enhancements: Etsy has managed to reduce the resolution time for customer issues to an average of two hours. While impressive, this swift turnaround can sometimes disadvantage sellers due to time zone differences, particularly for those in the UK.

  • Community Safety Initiatives: Etsy continues to empower users with tools to report and manage policy violations, emphasising a community-driven approach to maintaining a safe marketplace.

  • Product Safety and Integrity: Etsy collaborates with regulators to ensure that listings meet safety standards, particularly those concerning children's products. This ongoing effort helps ensure that all items sold meet the highest safety standards.


What’s Next for The Crafty Entrepreneur Podcast?

Our podcast continues to grow, and we're excited to bring you more inspiring stories and expert advice from the world of crafting. In the upcoming episodes, you can look forward to interviews with a broad spectrum of crafty individuals. From the tattooed knitter making waves on TikTok to entrepreneurs who've seen rapid success, we're set to explore the diverse landscapes of creativity and business.


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