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TEE #028 The Power of Customer Reviews: Why They're Crucial for Etsy Sellers

business advice Sep 30, 2023
The Power of Customer Reviews Why They're Crucial for Etsy Sellers

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Customer reviews are an essential part of establishing trust and credibility as an Etsy seller. Reviews provide social proof that you deliver high quality products and excellent service. Etsy prominently displays reviews and star ratings on product pages and in search results, so they greatly influence buying decisions. Consistently positive reviews are key to Etsy shop success.


1. Reviews build trust and reputation

Customers rely heavily on reviews when considering purchases from unknown sellers. Positive feedback reassures buyers that you are a legitimate seller who delivers on promises. Over time, consistent positive reviews establish your shop as reputable and trustworthy. This gives customers the confidence to purchase from you.


2. Reviews boost visibility and sales

Etsy's search algorithm favour's listings with more and better reviews. Shops and products with an abundance of positive feedback are more likely to rank higher in search results. Greater visibility leads to increased traffic to your shop and product pages, which then converts to more sales.


3. Reviews provide valuable customer feedback

Customers share the positives about their purchases as well as constructive criticism in reviews. This allows you to identify and improve upon any weaknesses in your products, listings, policies, or customer service. Reviews hold you accountable for consistently delighting customers.


4. Reviews encourage repeat business

Satisfied customers who leave you positive feedback are more likely to favourite your shop and purchase from you again in the future. Reviews help build loyalty among customers over time, leading to repeat business.


5. Strategies for Getting More Customer Reviews

Getting a steady flow of customer reviews takes some proactive effort. Here are some tips:

  • Send a polite follow-up message after shipping asking the customer to consider leaving a review. Offer to address any issues.
  • Include a thank you note in shipped packages asking for an honest review.
  • Turn on automatic 'Thank You' discount coupons as an incentive for leaving a review.
  • Respond professionally to any negative reviews and seek to make it right with the customer.
  • Consider purchasing the Etsy Shop Blueprint course, which includes detailed lessons on boosting customer reviews.


Customer reviews are critical for Etsy shop success. They build trust and reputation, boost visibility, drive sales, provide feedback, and create loyal repeat customers. Be proactive about requesting reviews from buyers. Learn proven strategies for getting more 5-star reviews with the Etsy Shop Blueprint course.


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