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TEE #043 Taking Action: The Key Ingredient to Etsy Selling Success

business advice Jan 13, 2024
Taking Action: The Key Ingredient to Etsy Selling Success SJ Etsy Queen Business Coach to Creatives

Read time: 2 minutes

If I had to pick one key trait that determines an Etsy seller's success, it would be this: Taking Action.

Not talent, not resources, not luck. Pure, consistent action.

I see it time and time again - the Etsy shops that thrive don't necessarily have the most artistic owners or expensive equipment. What sets them apart is that they take action day in, day out.

Every single morning they get up and list a new product. Or they spend an hour working on product photos. Or they run a new marketing test. Or they improve their shop policies.

It's through small, imperfect, persistent actions compounded over time that progress is made.

Meanwhile, the shops that never get traction are often held back by the owners' fear and self-limiting beliefs.

"My products aren't good enough." "I don't have time for this." "I'll start tomorrow."

Excuse after excuse that stops them from taking action TODAY.

So let this be a wakeup call - stop waiting for the perfect moment. Stop playing small. Take action and unlock your full potential.

List that new product today. Engage with one new customer. Improve one shop policy right now.

Small actions lead to big results over time. Successful Etsy entrepreneurs know progress comes from doing, not dreaming.

Believe in yourself and take the next step. Action really is the key ingredient to selling success.


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