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TEE #048 Taking Your Passion Business to the Next Level

business advice mindset support Feb 17, 2024
Taking Your Passion Business to the Next Level SJ Etsy Queen

Are You Ready to Scale Your Home-based Creative Venture?

If you're a solo entrepreneur running your handmade business out of your home studio or kitchen table, you may have found yourself hitting a plateau. You pour all your energy into your craft, whether it's making jewellery, candles, artwork or any other creative products. You know you have talent and your products bring people joy. But you want more - increased sales, growth, impact.

I understand - I've been there too. When you're running everything alone, it can be draining trying to manage production, marketing, sales, finances and still have energy left for new products. You need support from people who understand the challenges of passion businesses.

That's why I'm excited to announce The Crafting Queen Mastermind, a small group coaching programme tailored for solo entrepreneurs like you. By joining, you'll connect with like-minded driven creators wanting to scale their businesses.


What You Get in The Crafting Queen Mastermind

121 Strategy Sessions

We'll dig into your unique business challenges and create targeted growth plans using proven frameworks. You'll leave with clarity on your next best steps.

Mastermind Guests

The Spring cohort will have access to two of the best business women! Sam Bearfoot will be hosting a deep dive into Social Media Strategy and Louisa Herridge, TedX speaker and Amazon Best Selling Author will be delving into the Story Telling process - this combo is a POWERFUL recipe for your 2024 marketing strategy.

Accountability Partnerships

You'll team up with another member working on similar goals. Meet bi-weekly to report progress, brainstorm when stuck and support each other.

Facebook Community Access

Get 24/7 advice, feedback or just vent when entrepreneur life gets hard. The connections made here are invaluable.

Monthly Round Tables

Focused on overcoming specific hurdles like pricing products, streamlining operations, improving marketing or managing mindset.


I launched this mastermind to provide independent creatives the training, peer groups, accountability and community I wished I had when starting out.

If you're ready to scale your passion business into a profitable company, join The Crafting Queen Mastermind. Applications open now for our spring cohort - limited spaces so apply early!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I can't wait to see you inside and watch your business thrive this year!


If you're still looking for traction in your Etsy business, I'd recommend starting with one of the following:

1. → My Free Etsy WorkshopPerfect for you if you are just starting out on Etsy. Learn how you can turn your creative passions into cash to earn your first £1000 on Etsy.

2.  Join my Free Community: Successful Etsy Entrepreneurs is a Facebook community filled with creative people just like yourself all looking to grow their inline businesses.

3. → Join my VIP Members: Successful Ecommerce Entrepreneurs for only £27 a month.  With my expert guidance and actionable strategies in my private membership, you'll gain the skills and knowledge you need to build a profitable and sustainable online business.



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