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Zero to 1500 Sales - Dinner Lady by Day, Crafter By Night - Kerry Appleton

business advice podcast May 25, 2024

Hello, creative entrepreneurs! I'm SJ, your Etsy Queen, and today I am thrilled to share an incredible success story from one of my clients and students, Kerry Appleton, the owner of the vibrant Etsy shop, Somecuts Over the Rainbow. Kerry's journey is not just inspiring but also a testament to the power of perseverance, creativity, and the right guidance.


A Passion Turned Into a Thriving Business

Kerry's story begins in a small town called Alresford, where she is affectionately known as the Rainbow Lady. Her passion for rainbows, inspired by a personal and touching experience with a fire rainbow after the passing of her stepdad, has become the heart and soul of her business. This love for rainbows is reflected in every product she creates, from cups and shadow boxes to stickers and cake toppers, all crafted meticulously in her garden shed.


The Turning Point

Kerry's journey took a significant turn when she discovered The Etsy Shop Blueprint and joined our private community, Successful Ecommerce Entrepreneurs. By day she is a dinner lady, by night she is crafting and previously selling the occasional item. But with the strategies and insights from the course, everything changed. Kerry reworked her SEO, improved her listings, and saw a dramatic increase in orders.

In August 2022, after implementing the SEO tips from my course, Kerry's shop went from a handful of orders to hundreds. By November, she was managing over 300 orders a month, turning her once small-scale operation into a thriving business. She credits this transformation to the invaluable lessons learned from The Etsy Shop Blueprint and the unwavering support from our community.


The Power of Community

Kerry's story also highlights the importance of community. In our private group, she found not just advice and tips but a supportive network of like-minded entrepreneurs. Whether it's figuring out the intricacies of Etsy SEO or finding the best suppliers, the community has always been there to help. Kerry's advice to anyone starting their Etsy journey or feeling stuck is to join our group. The camaraderie, shared experiences, and expert guidance make a world of difference.


From Bedroom Corner to Garden Shed

One of the most remarkable aspects of Kerry's journey is her progression from working in a small corner of her bedroom to having a dedicated garden shed for her crafts. The success of her Etsy shop allowed her to reinvest in her business, creating a more efficient and inspiring workspace. This physical shift symbolises the growth and potential that comes with following your passion and utilising the right tools and support.


Looking Ahead

Kerry's dreams are big, and her journey is far from over. She aspires to reach a point where financial worries are a thing of the past, continuing to grow her business and explore new creative avenues. Her advice is clear: set your goals, visualise them, and work towards them relentlessly. With the right mindset and resources, anything is possible.



Kerry Appleton's story is a beautiful reminder that with passion, dedication, and the right support, success is within reach. The Etsy Shop Blueprint and the Successful Ecommerce Entrepreneurs community have been instrumental in her journey, providing the knowledge and encouragement needed to transform her hobby into a booming business.

If you’re ready to take your Etsy shop to the next level, consider joining us. Let's make your success story the next one I share!

Stay crafty,

SJ Etsy Queen xoxo 


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