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Welcome To The Crafty Entrepreneur

Season #1

Welcome to "The Crafty Entrepreneur," the podcast dedicated to helping crafters and artists transform their creative talents into profitable side hustles and thriving businesses. In this introductory trailer, your host, Sarah Jane Lewis (SJ), shares her vision for the podcast and what listeners can expect in the upcoming episodes. SJ is a multi-passionate entrepreneur based on the South coast of England. She has always had a side hustle from a very early age, which eventually led her to leave her corporate job in March 2023 at the age of 41 to focus on her online businesses and coaching services.


SJ has multiple Etsy businesses, Shopify sites, and a coaching business where she supports, encourages, and motivates creative entrepreneurs with their online businesses. In the coming weeks,


SJ will be sharing her knowledge on how to run an online business for handmade products and providing tips and advice on using platforms like Etsy when you're first starting out. She will also be showcasing clients and friends who are creative entrepreneurs, sharing their stories of how they started their businesses and how they are succeeding in the world of e-commerce.


Whether you are a crafter, artist, or aspiring to create your own side hustle on platforms like Etsy, eBay, or Shopify, this podcast is the place to come for inspiration and motivation to start your business or keep going when you're finding things tough.


To learn more about SJ and her journey, check out the links in the show notes or description. Don't forget to check out her free workshop on how to generate your first £1,000 on Etsy!


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