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Simon Squibb's £6,000 Surprise for Go Goosey: The Full Story

Season #1

In this episode of The Crafty Entrepreneur, we chat with Karen Burke, the innovative founder of Go Goosey. Discover how Karen, a single mum and IT recruitment consultant, turned a frustrating swimming experience with her adopted daughter into a thriving business. Go Goosey’s quick-drying, unisex onesies are changing the game for parents everywhere.

Key Takeaways:

Origins of Go Goosey: Inspired by Karen's own challenges with drying and dressing her child after swimming.

Journey to Success: From idea to reality, Karen spent six years developing the perfect quick-drying onesie.

Simon Squibb's Surprise: How a £6,000 gift from millionaire Simon Squibb provided a financial boost and increased visibility for Go Goosey.

Business Growth: The role of mentorship and business coaching in Karen's entrepreneurial journey.

Future Plans: Expansion into adult onesies and dreams of Olympic recognition.

Balancing Act: Karen's life as a business owner, full-time IT recruitment consultant, and single mum.

Connect with Karen:


Instagram: @gogooseyuk

Facebook: Go Goosey

TikTok: @gogoosey


Listen now and be inspired by Karen’s journey from frustration to innovation, and how a surprise from Simon Squibb helped her business make waves in the parenting and sports apparel markets.

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