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How to Build a Successful Etsy Business - Krayon Queen's Journey

Season #1

Welcome to "The Crafty Entrepreneur"! In this episode, we dive deep into the inspiring journey of Angela, known as the Krayon Queen. 🌟 From her humble beginnings to becoming a successful Etsy shop owner, Angela shares her experiences, challenges, and the strategies that transformed her business.


πŸ–οΈ What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

- How Angela transitioned from a daycare provider to a successful Etsy seller

- The pivotal moment she discovered the Etsy Shop Blueprint and its impact on her business

- Essential SEO tips and marketing strategies for Etsy shops

- Angela’s innovative product ideas and how she keeps her offerings fresh and engaging

- The importance of investing in your business and continuous learning


πŸ’‘ Key Takeaways:

- The significance of thorough research and choosing the right tools for your business

- The power of SEO and optimising your Etsy listings to boost visibility and sales

- Why diversification, including setting up your own website, can safeguard and expand your business

- Practical advice on balancing multiple roles and responsibilities as a small business owner


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πŸ“² Connect with Angela (Krayon Queen):

Etsy: Krayon Queen

Instagram: @KrayonQueen

TikTok: @KrayonQueen


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