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TEE #029 Pricing Your Etsy Products for Maximum Profit

business advice sales Oct 07, 2023
Pricing Your Handmade Products for Maximum Profit SJ Etsy Queen

Read time: 3 minutes

Pricing your Etsy items can seem like a guessing game for Etsy sellers. Should you charge less to stand out from competitors? Or price high to maximize profit? Finding the optimal price point is essential for the success and profitability of your Etsy shop. This in-depth guide will walk through smart pricing techniques and strategies to help UK Etsy sellers price their products for maximum profit.


Know Your Numbers

Before determining prices, you need to know your costs. Thoroughly track and calculate:

  • Materials - All supplies and consumables. Break it down per product.
  • Labour - Determine your hourly rate based on time spent producing, then multiply by production hours for each product.
  • Overhead - Utilities, equipment maintenance/depreciation, workspace rent, software fees, etc.
  • Calculate overhead per month then divide by estimated production volume.
  • Shipping & Packaging - Per item costs for postage, mailers, tissue paper etc.
  • Etsy Listing Fees - 20p per listing plus 6.5% of final sale price.
  • Payment Processing - Around 3-5% of revenue.

Use a formula like wholesale cost x 2 or 3 to set an initial price. Track costs over time and update pricing accordingly.


Competitor Benchmarking

Analyse competitors selling similar products. Compare their prices to your costs and item details. This gives you a sense of the standard price range. You can position items at, above or below competitors. Match prices for commodity products, price below competitors with higher costs or those lacking your distinct style. Price above for premium quality, complex designs or unusual materials.


Pricing Psychology

Pricing psychology employs tactics that make items more enticing to buyers:

  • Charm Pricing - Price at £x.95 or £x.99 rather than rounding. Feel more affordable.
  • Thresholds - Price just under psychologically attractive thresholds like £20, £50 or £100.
  • Bundling - Offering multiple products or items as a set for a discounted bundle price.
  • Presentation - Higher perceived value with premium branding, photos, packaging.


Pricing Strategies 

Some common pricing approaches:

  • Cost-Plus Pricing - Base price on costs plus set profit margin.
  • Value-Based Pricing - Set prices based on perceived value vs. costs.
  • Dynamic Pricing - Adjust price based on demand, seasons, availability.

When launching, cost-plus pricing is safest. As you establish your shop, shift towards value-based pricing.



Strategic promotions help attract new shoppers:

  • Sales/Discounts - Offer 10-15% off or £5 off periodically. More for holiday weekends.
  • Coupon Codes - Offer limited codes through marketing campaigns.
  • Product Bundles - Discount when buying multiple products.
  • Tiered Pricing - Decrease per item price at higher quantities.


Re-evaluating Prices

Review pricing regularly and adjust based on demand, costs and competitors. Test raising prices - if demand remains steady, it may mean you can increase profitability. Try A/B testing prices on similar products to find the optimal price point.

Effective pricing takes research, calculations and testing. Employ these pricing strategies to maximise revenues and profit margins for a thriving Etsy shop.



Pricing is an integral part of maximizing profits for Etsy sellers. By first calculating your costs, benchmarking competitors, and understanding pricing psychology tactics, you can develop an optimal strategy. Value-based pricing, promotions, and periodically reevaluating help find the sweet spot for revenue versus sales volume. Focus on conveying quality and value in your branding and presentation to allow for premium pricing.

Actionable Tip: Select 1-2 items to do A/B price testing on. Create identical listings but with a 10% price difference. Send equal traffic to each over a 1-2 week period, then compare conversion rates. This can provide real data to help determine the best price.

Happy Selling!

SJ xoxo


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